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  1. 1. -=[]*adi*[]=- 2. ye 3. server2
  2. helicopter pls dude don't be with they U ARE ADMIN u must by with the true when i joined first time on this game no 1 give me help i play solo all time just few give me help and i help who give me too .. they think if i`m not russian no help me .. so i advance solo coz i like server my opinion i don`t care about this players who cry coz i take mobs if they work hard they too can got levels like me i just joined on map second where u see 2 picture and for what kick becaouse they are the owner ? who are they to give me kick if i don`t injury or ofens language .. we all must be egal no 1 have power just flame or who is admin owner .. on server.. i hope undesrtand something guys when u say live togheter sing togheter i guess.. translate.. live u bro.. i dont want play with this ppl who ofens and kick or joke about me.. i have some friends and im ok with they if u want be with me ok if not...yo decision..
  3. Sry for x2 post but look i joined again and again vote kick , but lucky coz many players on server kamikaze is in party with they vote he too for nothing kick me .. i propose do something ban ..an anvertise don`t do nothing for ppl like this..
  4. Hello my name in game is adi i played on map farmiloe and this 2 guys give me kick no motivation just becoause i don't wanna stay with they .. they pick demolition and can't take kills .. so i go all time to solo places .. + they insult me ... i have screenshots with ofensive language + votekick for me little care coz they give me kick .. i can play another maps but is all about how many times they do dat .. wiwth another players like me.. + many players kill me... without said me to do dat.. but i give them another chance I guess they think if i`m not russian i'm noob and can't do nothing .. but they wrong flame do what is right .. , Thx Ady ,
  5. Hello i`m friend of adi and use me too this account i don`t know how to create ) i don`t know answer and said all time wrong ...to 1 cerince.. secret question something.. yea nvm.. i played with 1 2 hours ago just for register and found my stats i played with cosmyn99 1. My old name was Cosmyn99 or Alcool something like dat.. 2.yes i play and i stay and spectator 3. server 2 i played with a long time ago I remember something about perks i have lv 11 support specialist... And if u found my perks pls transfer to the steam to my fried -=[]*CaSs*[]=- if something don`t work tell me and what i can do if play more or something can help u to got perks and transfer to steam, Thx cosmyn done
  6. Yes Yes , but is on steam here.. and i have some lag with him.. i want play without steam for a few months.. if u can make and for non steam ..i have game at this forum downloaded
  7. 1. -=[]*adi*[]=- i don`t want change my name 2. i played 2 maps.. 3. 2
  8. Флуд

    thanks for help translate in russian dear friend kazus maybe admins understand more better flame if u can help me.. when i start kf if i wait aproximatly 20 - 30 sec kf has quit game alone.. or if i try to connect and join to 1 server i wait for downnload update and when finish quit game i download game again don`t work.. i reistaled work won`t again .. can u help me if u can ..thx